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We're talking about persuasion skills, psychology and other things to stroke my ego. Comments are encouraged without any need to register, so go ahead and stroke me...


The first day has arrived. Today's video blog has news about latest psychological research, and starts the conversation on building rapport and why its more important than ever.

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  1. The concept of attaining "family" relationships is something I have been teaching my staff (perhaps only partly succesfully) for years. It works beautifully. We send customers birthday cards & call them when they are sick or unwell- not out of greed for profit but our if genuine concern and genuine care for people that we LIKE & grow to love over the years of seeing them (& their families)!
    Cant wait to hear the next portion!!
    John Davidson (Optometrist)
    Querido & Davidson

  2. Great Job Kennedy! Love this stuff! Looking forward to the next one!

    Ted Peterson


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