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Shopping and Silliess

I went shopping yesterday...and laughed until a little bit of wee came out. Why? The answer can be found in today's video. Plus today's persuasion skill looks at why not finishing sentences can have the most effect on people - in particular if they're...watch the video:


  1. Hi Kennedy,

    Nice video!

    For the nested loops, you would usually close them in a different way from the one you advise.

    Open Story #1
    Open Story #2
    Open Story #3
    Your content
    Close Story #3
    Close Story #2
    Close Story #1


  2. Cried with laughter today (as usual) because you are definitively mad and a comedic genius, as well as a superstar.

    Love the 'nested loop' thingummy.

    PS: Tried to find the CD on the site in Products, but couldn't locate it: can you send me the link again? I'd love to buy one!

    xxx Diana


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