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Attracting Persuasion

Today's video blog will be late...but it will be happening. I know many of you need your daily blog fix so thought I'd give you double today. A written one now and the video later. Are those cries of 'YIPPEE' I hear?

As persuaders we're often doing the chasing, we're persuading a potential partner, chasing a client to part with his cash, trying to coax our buddy in to getting the drinks in etc etc...

Herein lies our problem. In order to persuade with great effect we need to shift the roles around. We need to look for ways to change things so they are chasing us, to buy from us, to get our numbers and to buy our drinks. HOW?

Aha- this is where it gets exciting. If you saw me in a bar at the weekend you might come over and say 'hi' right? We'd probably talk about the mad antics on the blog, gigs, your work, I'd ask you what I could add to the blog in order to make significant changes in your life and we'd have fantastic fun. Would you buy me a drink? It's more than likely that you would.

Later today, in the vlog (that's the techno-geek name for Video Blog) we'll start discussing why you would be so inclined. AND I'll show you what else I'd do in order to force you in to rushing to the bar and get the drinks in.

Thanks for your continued support...appreciate it so much! The vlog will be ready later, sign-up to 'Stalk this Idiot' and I'll email you the moment the vid is online. SMILE!

- Kennedy

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