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Kontroversial Kennedy is Jaded

It's a turning point. Today I am going to speak my mind. I usually like to sugar coat things and perhaps today will shock you, maybe it will offend you but it will get a reaction from you and bubble some feelings inside. A risk I am willing to take.

Please do read this all the way through, don't dip in and out otherwise you won't understand my reasoning.

Would you agree with me that integrity and honesty are among the most important traits of any person? I certainly think so. In opposition to what most would say, the deceitful and dishonest are in the minority. Most people are decent and thoughtful. Yes we have all met people who will rip you off, take you for a ride and just generally screw us over but in the main we are surrounded by great people whom we put a lot of trust in.

The most important thing when being trusted is to maintain that integrity and not have gaping holes in your supposed truths. The thing I am getting at is the unfortunate incident with Jade Goody. It is always sad when you hear of anyone developing such a frightful illness as cancer. I have no doubt that right now she is going through a whole host of unimaginable trauma.

That said, I was not a fan of her before she developed this and so am not going to be so low as to suddenly become her biggest fan. Pretty much the way the mass media has. One minute she's on every talk-show and front page for being a racist bigot and the next everyone is her biggest fan.

What's more, Jade is ever the attention seeker. If I was suffering from a life threatening illness then I can assure you the last thing I'd want is publicity. I'd want all of my strength to fight the disease. So why on earth would you have the top PR man in the UK, Max Clifford go on major talk shows to talk about you and support you?

I just don't understand, it really rattled my cage and I wasn't going to say anything but it upsets me so much that she'd even take this severe illness and use it as a way to try and make the world like her again, even after all of those disgusting things she said in the past.

Am I out of line? Have I got totally the wrong end of the stick?

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