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Economic Drinking Game

I'd like to thank my friend Andy for this. Round his place last night he suggested this great idea. Maybe it's not just me who's sick of hearing about the 'economic state', reading about the 'recession' and feeling like we're in a downward spiral.

Back in college we used to play a drinking game where you get a bunch of friends round one of the student halls and watch a movie, nominate a word and every time that word is mentioned you have to take drink the contents of glass or bottle you have in your hand. The best example was watching Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventures and the words being 'excellent' and 'dude' - you get pretty drunk pretty fast!

So now lets move this up to the present time and every time you hear anything about the 'financial nightmare', 'economical state', 'downturn' or 'recession' you have to look around and take a drink.

Have fun!

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