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She Survided - Here's the Proof!

Good morning, what a very exciting weekend we had! Theatre on Saturday - I'll tell you all about what i saw and what I thought about it in tomorrow's post. A party on Saturday night, I don't usually drink very often, so the 7 pints of Carlsberg on Saturday night lead to vomiting at 2am - how very unattractive??!

Most importantly, on Sunday Tess hung on to a piece of wire as she jumped from the Newcastle Tyne Bridge, zipped across the River Tyne, landing on the gateshead side of the Quayside. Extremely brave and a phenomenal morning on Sunday - and what a fantastic cure to the incredible hangover I was suffering. The video to the below is of Tess Zipping down, being cocky enough to give a wave for the camera.

The friendly atmosphere on the Quayside on the morning was realy lovely, everyone there to raise money for Marie Curie cancer care, all applauding and cheering on the random strangersa who put themselves through the ordeal. It was a really excellent day!

Well don TESS!

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