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Guess Who's Back

Yes we landed safely after our trip to Barcelona which was not without incident. The trip back was just insane. Leaving the hotel at 9:30am you'd think would leave enough time to arrive for the 2pm flight. Well, apparently not. With cabs taking long routes and over charging us, trains taking 2 and a quarter hours and then the Barcelona airport being enormous it was an exciting rush around to get checked in, baggage tagged and through security but we did make it on time. Stress levels are high.

The shows went well and I even recorded a video blog while I was out there which I will post here tomorrow so you can see what it was like in full colour with sound.

The first of my shows was at the Grand Marina Hotel, Barcelona. 10 minute walk from the Ramblas and a lovely hotel. Although the food wasn't up to much and the atmosphere was a sterile one the rooms were lovely, well maintained and the location stunning. Looking out of the rooms of the hotel you look in to the port where up to 8 cruise-ships were docked at one point. The show was a 9:15am performance to open the conference for Enviro-Tech Europe and was extremely well received. My first job was to get through everyone's hangover from their late night drinking session the night before, ease them in to the day and grab their attention. It went very well and the Director wrote to say:

"Having had Kennedy recommended to me we engaged him to appear at our 2008 European Conference in Barcelona.
Words alone would never do justice to his remarKable talent as you have to see the visual performace that leaves you gasping.
Our Distributors were amazed by the humour and skill that seemed impossible.
Kennedy has now been booked by the Chemical Business Association and they should prepare for the impossible to happen in front of their eyes!"
Derek Carpenter
Enviro Tech Europe Limited

My ego is now twice the size - just when you thought it wasnt possible.

On Saturday morning we made our merry way to Barcelona Sants rail station to catch the 1 and a quarter hour train through to see Rodney Piper and the gang at House of Illusion, Salou. After watching the show that night in the stunning new location we were blown away. The following evenign I performed 2 spots of mind reading. The first went a storm and the comments afterwards were extremely positive.

In the second show I managed to offend a man by saying the word 'shit' in the show. Lets get this straight, the show started at 10pm or perhaps a little later and went on until after midnight. Yet he complained when I used the word 'shit'. Just goes to show that no matter how careful we are in our performances we always get one person. Needless to say I considered leaving out this remark for future performances, lost a bit of sleep over it because I hate the idea of me offending anyone and then decided that no, I wont leave it out it has purpose and fits the context of its use so if you're offended by a single use of the word shit, then yes you are going to hate my show. I'm going to have to learn to deal with that.

There you go, amazing shows were most were not offended by me, they all laughed and were suitably amazed by what I shared with them, so I'm a happy man. Tomorrow I will stick the video blog online and share some of the sun with you.


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