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Cliff Hanger

Well hi there, its a miserable day here. What a shame.

Yesterday I said that I'd explain the banana...well I think I'm going to leave you hanging on for just a little while longer.

Things at Kennedy towers are going well, very busy and that is the way I like it. The main thing I am focusing on at the moment is the I Need Your Help article I wrote at the beginning of this month. We have over 50 unique posts now and they are still growing which is fantastic! So cheers for that. Please do keep passing it on to your friends. In fact - as soon as it reaches 100 unique posts (we can track if its just the same person posting over and over again) I'll explain the banana.

I have to say the banana is something that excites me. It only came to me yesterday and I stuck it straight up there. I think you will enjoy it when I announce exactly what that's about.

So HOW can we get more people to participate in I Need Your Help? Here are a few ways you can make it happen:

> Tell people on facebook, myspace and all your other networks
> Copy the page link and send it to your mates on MSN and via email
> You see those little buttons along the bottom of this message? If you click on those and submit this site to Digg and other bookmarking sites that would be AMAZING!

Just a few ideas, use your head...how else could people spread the word about this? Stick your ideas of how we can spread the word below!

More tomorrow (and remember if its over 100 I'll explain the banana - it's important!)

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