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5 Stars, 2 Flights and One Island

Hello there, I haven't forgotten about you I promise.

At the beginning of the month I did say that from now on things would be a bit more hectic and it seems that the madness has already commenced. What has been happening?

Well on Wednesday I went to the Edinb. Festival, where I saw some excellent shows and enjoyed catching up with some friends. It was on that day it was confirmed that I'd be flying to Crete the following day.

So early hours of Thursday morning (4am) I left my house and headed for Newcastle Airport. I picked up my one-way ticket to Crete (yes that's right one-way which terrified me) and checked my bags in.

The journey out was perfect, I got some money exchanged in the airport and all was well.

On arriving in Crete the temperature was 32 degrees, with a lovely breeze so I didn't fry. A taxi to the resort. And oh my lord is this a stunning new resort that Thomsons have built. (head to this link and prepare to be jealous) 5 Star, private pools, food and drink galore. It's a holiday maker's paradise. Add to that the fact they are flying in top class acts from around the world for both adult and children's entertainment - the team there really know what they're doing and they are delighting customers night after night.

The journey home was a nightmare. Heralion airport is not the most organised and I was flying home not to Newcastle, but to Manchester. So after an hour's delay on the return flight then 4 and a half hours in the air I arrive at Manchester and try to book a hotel. Its an interesting game to play on a Friday evening in a big city. So i played that for a while before finding a nearby Travel Lodge - classy ;).

So rather than getting home Friday night as I'd hoped, I didn't get across the threshold of my front door until late Saturday. By which time Kennedy wasn't feeling on top form. So i took the rest of the day off and Sunday too - hence the lack of bloggage. I didn't think you'd want me to inflict by terrible mood on you on Saturday as some of my words may have offended.

So that is what is happening, I am awaiting photographs of me in the heat from my new friend Marc who has promised to send them over to me and as soon as he does I'll get them up here for you to snarl at.

Anyway, while i've been recovering the "I Need Your Help" post has been getting a lot of attention and we now have almost 50 comments on it. So if you haven't yet participated, it takes literally one minute please go here now.

Tomorrow I'll do a video blog, I promise.

p.s. yes I was infuriated when I was sitting in departures at Newcastle Airport and realised I'd left my camera at home. So no blog from Crete, I shed a tear.

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