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A Movie I Like And Spotting Liars Tip #4

Good afternoon. I learned an important lesson today - dont skimp. I went to the local shop to buy some new batteries for the wee camera I use for the blog posts and rather than the usual Duracell superdooper battery I thought I'd go for the Sony ones. Although slightly cheaper, Sony are a 'good' brand. Turns out not for batteries because as soon as i turned on the camera of wonder, the light started flashing saying the battery was low - id just replaced them.

Anyway, last night we watched a really great movie that I thought I'd tell you about - its called Butterfly on a Wheel and although I wasn't sure of it from what I'd read it is up there as one of the best movies for a long time. So do check it out.

Anyway, on to the video blog for this fine and beautiful summers day, its How to Spot a Liar tip # 4:

Thanks for all the kind comments, I'll speak to you tomorrow.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Kennedy,

    Loving the blog posts. Keep it up.

    Just had a thought, a video tour of your house would be cool.



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