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I Had a Dream Last Night

This is not today's official 'post', I will be getting my little camera out later to video something really special that I am quite excited about. So far the response the the blog posts has been very positive, so thank you very much. One thing that a few have been surprised at was my lack of 'selling'. I think some are expecting me to use this space to sell my shows and things to you - it really is not about that its just about having some fun.

Anyway, the reason I am writing this mini post this morning is because of a strange dream I had last night. It was possibly the strangest I've ever had. The reason it was strange will become clear quite soon.

So in my dream it was Tomorrow and I am on my way to a show near Daventry which is approximately 4 and a half hours south of where I am now.

So I arrive at the railway station in Newcastle and for some reason I had to go to the ticket office to collect my tickets. I had plenty of time, a whole hour and the cue wasn't too long.

I stood for ages and quickly realised that my train would be leaving in 5 minutes yet there were still 11 people in front of me. So i decided to leave the cue and buy my ticket on the train - which is more expensive.

I boarded the train and the carriage i sat in was empty apart from me and the female conductor. A buxom blond who smelled of oil. We pulled away from the station and I thought about the 4 1/2 hours I had to sit i that seat and it dawned on me that I hadn't picked up the laptop from my desk. FOUR AND A HALF HOURS.

I slumped in to the chair and the train guard lady looked over at me. "You okay there?" I relayed my story, at the end of which she asked for my ticket to which I replied "I need to buy one to Daventry" she looked confused. It turned out that this train was traveling at 100mph in a northerly direction. I'd caught the wrong train.

I hung my head in to my hands. And this is where it because strange. I said out loud "this has got to be a dream, i get the train all the time - i just wish I could wake up" - the woman smiled at me. I got off the train at the next station and boarded another train.

I remember arriving at my destination and seeing an old school friend of mine called Michael Watson. We walked down the platform together chatting, he was talking about going to South America to teach kids sport.

I woke up. How strange.
Thought I'd just share that with you and later today I will be posting a video. I am on the road again tomorrow but I hope that I have wifi access either on the train (that would be a cool video) or at the hotel.
Speak later. - thanks for being part of this.


1 comment:

  1. Well Well Kennedy !

    I feel its in the LEFT hand.

    Have a great time in the London Area !

    The Happy Hypnotist


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