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New Home for Blog

Today is the day to launch the new home of my blog. I will no longer be posting on my website page. I decided that blogger was the best way to go because it keep a nice archive of the things Ive been talking about, where as the page on the site was getting a little too long for comfort. All the scrolling isnt good for you.

Yesterday I met with a good friend of mine and would-be business partner. We're launching a new area of my business and teaming up to deliver some high impact revolutionary training for companies and individuals. It has to be revolutionary, you know that I hate covering old ground. I'll tell you all about it when the details are finalised.

Yesterday I was approached by North East Lifestyle magazine. They said that each issue has a section where a local celebrity writes a few words on his (or indeed her) favourite places to eat in the region. So apparently I've reached loal celebrity status. Ohheerrr! If you're in the area then keep you eyes out for the next edition and might be able to stalk me by sitting outsde of these places. Dont forget to bring the obligatory newspaper with eye holes with you to make yourself less obvious.

Next week I am off to London (not to buy a Heat magazine). Although I'm not performing until Thursday we're going down on the Wednesday. A day early so that i can take my beloved to see Les Miserables and to have a (very) short, and well deserved break. Of course I will be giving a full report on that next week.

Yes recently I have become more than a little obsessd with blogging. It went from one extreme to the next. No posts for bloody months and now one every day. I'm spending too much time travelling thats the problem. It means I can pass the time at the same time as giving me the opportunity to report back to you.

Will keep you up to date. No doubt something exciting is just around the corner. I do have a suprise in store but more on that next week.

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